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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    I like your sentences -

    Shame-facedly, the boys fawn and smile. Uriah-heepishly, sheepishly.

    They are wonderfully evocative.

    Thank you, Victor. I appreciate your statement, considering that you are the best poster in the forum.

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    LOL who needs that stupid ass Susan Patton OR the author of the article to tell us this obvious obviousness? Do they think it's some sort of revelation?

    Anyone who has been to an R1...and especially anyone who has been to an Ivy...already knows this from observation.
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    Abolish Degrees

    Imagine if the university was for learning rather than the reproduction of the discrete charm of the bourgeoisie.

    If the university was just for learning, it could be reserved for those who wanted to learn and not for those who want to reproduce the bourgeosie.

    If the university was just for learning we could abolish entrance exams, we could abolish exams and gradings within the university, in America we could abolish university sports. But most of all and most important of all, we could abolish degrees.

    There are a small number who want to learn, to discover, to make art and music, who would be funded to attend university. The rest will find their happiness in other institutions.

    But the first and most important step, to return the university to its original purpose, is to abolish degrees.

    We abolished slavery in 1833, we emancipated women in 1901, and we abolished child sexual abuse in 2009. Surely it is not beyond us to abolish degrees.

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    There's some logic to it actually. It's not terrible advice.

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