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Thread: Invade Syria.

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    Saddam was obviously bad for Iraq, but he had a solution for sectarian chaos (a brutal one, but a solution nonetheless). America opened up a can of worms by removing him, doesn't take the brutal route he did, but doesn't even understand the sects enough to redirect them in other ways. Furthermore, ruins it's good name by recruiting every shit-for-brains "at risk" delinquent they could get their hands on - not to mention mercenary groups. Some of these guys killed civilians for sport. The result: Everyone hates us (while still hating each other too). After enough times, even random, collateral damage to civilians gets seen as purposeful and antagonistic. And the extremists used that to their advantage, getting more and more people to hate the US. They're the ones on the ground, in the villages, making contact, while we don't know shit about how to make lasting friendships with the typical people there.

    This whole situation might have had good intentions, but that doesn't mean much. I hate to blame this on "F" types specifically (could be latent F impulses in strong T types), but it boils down to black and white idealists and moralizers who think merely doing "the right thing" is all you need to accomplish a mission. Everything is seen through the lens of ethics. Would you screw in a light bulb with ethical logic? No. Yet, some people want to employ that kind of thought to war, of all things. That only works in fairy tales. War is sometimes necessary, but people would do well to not get stirred up about the "right thing" to do and think about logistics for a change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LevelZeroHero View Post
    Let's not split hairs here. If you really think Saddam Hussein was good for Iraq then just say so and we can go from there.
    many people in iraq preferred hussein to current situation. many young people feel like their lives are restricted more now and feel less free(how ironic) and sunnis feel like US invasion has corrupted people morally by introducing the american way of thinking, which is highly immoral to many religious people there.

    If you're going to make stuff up please don't post here. Or in this forum for that matter. There's enough of that already. An opinion is fine but when you start using numbers, people tend to assume they're statistically accurate.

    The reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq, comprised of 66,081 'civilians'; 23,984 'enemy' (those labeled as insurgents); 15,196 'host nation' (Iraqi government forces) and 3,771 'friendly' (coalition forces)
    close enough.

    when it comes to invading foreign countries many ignorant gun crazy "freedom fighters" fail to realize that if a country is on the edge of civil war or have other opposing forces fighting each others for the country, they need to let them kill themselves or come up with some other solution on their own. proper way of helping would be to take immigrants who want to leave the country, give aid like food and medicine to people if they are suffering etc.

    the same thing happened in US too, there were whites and reds or what ever fighting each other before the states united. can you imagine what would had happened if some country that would had the ability to kill them all, would had intervened with the war and decided to aid one party to victory? USA would be called mexico or canada today..

    its true that war is shitty thing, but theres not much you can do about it but help the people who want out of it and let the idiots kill each others. or well, you can invade but thats why north korea has nuclear weapons today and syria wants chemical weapons, thats why you get planes flown at your buildings etc etc.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    The Christians in Syria certainly would not be very happy with an invasion. They would probably suffer the same fate as the Assyrian Christian ethnicity/religion in Iraq, who have mostly been forced into refugee camps fromt he lands they settled in for thousands of years, after the Islamists ran rampage post-invasion.

    This is why many Christians in Syria, even if they hate Assad, still see him as the lesser evil. Because as long as they don't oppose him, they are protected, as he does not care about religion, only his own power, and they have a common enemy with him against the extremist Sunni groups, who would massacre them both.

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    Preliminary results show chemical weapons not used in Syria

    Although I think US action in Syria is warranted, I don't think there will be any considering this change in stance, if it remains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LevelZeroHero View Post
    Why haven't we already? Now that there's reasonable cause to know they've used chemical weapons, there is adequate leverage to justify action to the other members of the UN.

    How can we be, on one hand, saying that we should not be involved in matters such as this, and on the other hand so gung-ho with the recent anti-bullying sentiment? Some people don't like war. I get that. But your inability to separate your feelings from making the right choices is why you do not belong in the military, not why the military should not be involved.

    Some say, it's too costly. It is expensive, true, but if we really are a country that sees everyone as equal, then should not the preservation of human life trump some of our marginally effective government programs? We can't throw out the need to take action because the way action has been taken in the past needed improvement.

    And then, some say they don't even want us there. True, some do not. Then again, it is more that those people are just the same as the people in the US who do not believe in military action is necessary against militant oppression. Some actually believe they were better off under the oppression of international dictators. Stockholm syndrome much? This is, again, falsely confusing the method taken in the past (which anyone can agree needs improvement) with the need for some action in the first place.

    Funnily enough, those die-hard, crusty and senile 'nam veterans are right when they say liberals are castrating the country, because thanks to the criticisms of military effort in the past decade we're now afraid to engage in more military action despite it's obvious justification.

    Why take the path of cowardice? Mistakes happen. War is not neat and tidy like your matching set of Ikea furniture. That doesn't mean we should stand by and let bullying happen on an international scale.
    Why take the path of cowardice? War does not preserve human life.

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    At Full Gallop with Cold Steel

    Why invade Syria?

    Too late we have already done it.

    For the last successful cavalry charge in history was made by the Australian Light Horse outside of Damascus, Syria, in 1917.

    After days in the desert without water the great horses were about to expire, and in front of them were battle hardened Turkish troops commanded by crack German officers in a defensive position with artillery, around the only wells in the desert.

    In a great line the Australian Light Horse started to move forward silently with only the clink of bridles. The speed moved from a walk to a trot and then the order was given, "Charge for the guns". The great horses leapt into a full gallop. And a horse is only a true horse when galloping with other horses, and a cavalry charge is not the charge of men but the charge of horses.

    Beersheba was taken at full gallop with cold steel, opening the way to Damascus and the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

    The rest is history.

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