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    Default Titanic: The sequel

    Only this time, hopefully, two people meet, fall in love, and then just get divorced 20 years later in New York like everyone else.

    Any chance a disaster will happen to this vessel as well?
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    Stuff like this has been optioned a number of times, its never come to anything but I wish him every luck in producing some result this time.

    The thing is that creating an exact replica isnt going to appeal to anyone, producing a modern ship with elements or style which resembles the original will not please purests and where and what is your target audience for travellers anyway?

    I've heard of lots of different funny odd ship building stories, there's huge craft for tax dodgers which someone was building in order that the rich could spend their time in international waters long enough to avoid taxation, the retirement ships which were supposed to offer something similar to members of the middle classes who had retired with enough money to pay for it as an alternative to retirement homes or villages, the prison ships which would be large floating versions of the facilities on land (apparently cheaper to build and maintain than purchasing some sites to build on or refurbishing existing facilities), titanic tales are good too though.
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    It was wondering if this was a joke like Gandhi 2:

    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    Any chance a disaster will happen to this vessel as well?
    It's being made in China, so I'm guessing the North Koreans will sink it.

    Things like this have been done before on a smaller scale:
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