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    Default Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret

    2012 comprehensive life-cycle analysis in Journal of Industrial Ecology shows that almost half the lifetime carbon-dioxide emissions from an electric car come from the energy used to produce the car, especially the battery. The mining of lithium, for instance, is a less than green activity. By contrast, the manufacture of a gas-powered car accounts for 17% of its lifetime carbon-dioxide emissions. When an electric car rolls off the production line, it has already been responsible for 30,000 pounds of carbon-dioxide emission. The amount for making a conventional car: 14,000 pounds.
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    Not super surprising. We'll probably transition to the "rental car" model over the next 50 years though which will get rid of a lot of it through increased efficiency. Now if only the cab companies will keep the prices in check (good luck with that).

    edit: just looked up the study. If you drive it more than 81k miles it makes up for it substantially especially if driven to 200k miles so I call misleading bullshit
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    Not until we leverage the full potential of the human fart will our transportation, and- on a larger scale- mass starvation, unemployment, greed, aging issues be solved.

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