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    Default Immediate thoughts on the meteor striking Russia

    There were a lot of people with cameras in their cars which were filming their daily driving and which recorded the meteor, this is like the surveillance society in operation already, I think I remember posting about the idea of using cameras in the car in legal cases in which insurance was being claimed a while back but this is already in effect in this part of the world.

    The immediate thing which peopel thought and was recorded in peoples speech when the heat blasts in the atmosphere took place blowing in windows etc. was "This is war", "war has started", why are Russians anticipating war? With who?
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    I don;t think they thought it through that far. /thread

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    Immediate? It happened 2 weeks ago...

    They have dashboard cams to protect them from corrupt police.

    The Russians aren't too worried about war because they have alien guardian angels.
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