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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcat View Post
    I guess they are the same. Indo-European word, universal. Poly- in Greek. (We have an old Indo-European loan: paljon. It means much.) Variables: big, grand, much, majority, great.
    Bolshoi Ballet is Grand Ballet.
    I'm disappointed. 'Grand Ballet' is the opposite of our word 'bolshy' or 'bolshie'.

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    I am anti-totalitarianism, however, I am not a pacifist.

    I do believe that people who are better able to deal with dissent are less likely to go to war, however.

    I'm very much for restraint and creating change through discussion. Often this step gets skipped over and the situation turns into tribalistic warfare, where your label or group identity is more important than any idea.

    That said, if there are those who truly cannot be reasoned with and they commit abuses against you, I feel that deconstruction, perhaps violent - is called for. But this is not something to take lightly, there are enormous consequences to this, and you should be prepared to take on the responsibility of righting the wrongs in the future and rebuilding something new.

    The Arab Spring shows examples of this. Frankly, Gadaffi getting murdered in the street by rebels wasn't clean justice, but it's not like they could have just 'talked it out.' But now you have chaos. Syria is similar.
    Don't know how much it'll bend til it breaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    I'm disappointed. 'Grand Ballet' is the opposite of our word 'bolshy' or 'bolshie'.
    Do not be disappointed. I think your original hunch was correct. We shall figure it out.
    I need more information of the bolshy.

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