Someone expressed an interest in the basic income idea which is in a link in my signature a while back, its been supported by left and right wing pundits in a number of different guises for a while, some wanting it to be an annual lump sum paid to individuals or families (awarding those who can plan and manage income over a year as opposed to blowing it all at once), some an allowance paid out more frequently to individuals, some as a replacement to all services provided by the government per se (including education, policing, health services and health insurance, public sanitation, bin collection, roads and highways), some as a supplemental to those services, some as a replacement to the welfare state and some to remove the need for the economy to provide subsistence through employment.

It has its supporters on the extreme left and right of the spectrum, "work resisting" marxoids and anarchos, aswell as Thatcherites and Free Marketeers (there's one I dont remember him right now but he's been the only classical economic radical who I dont believe is simply a "rich man's class warrior").

Although the idea is now breaking through into some of the commentary by mainstream and highly influential monetary commentators:-