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    I haven't found much time for forums in the last few years. But when I do have spare time, I really enjoy them. Having made some of my closest friends from forums and social sites, I think it's been time well spent on that basis alone. That, and I tend to otherwise spend my time on the internet stuck inside my bubble, reading things that I already agree with and not getting exposed to a whole lot of different viewpoints. Forums broaden the way I explore ideas while I'm "wasting time on the internet".
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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    I'd say I learned a lot especially during my first couple of years here, but I also spent a little too much time here. Now it is more balanced, as a lot of thread topics are cyclical and I don't feel the same need to respond. I still find certain threads are still very worthwhile to me, the forum is useful for accessing a form of social interaction not readily available in my community and I've made some friends here that I value. I also really like having a wide pool of expertise available in a way that I can't otherwise access all in one place.

    I think a place like this is problematic if it is used as an escape from or substitute for real life, or if it starts taking up a disproportionate amount of time compared to other activities. I think if is keeping you from real life obligations or causing you to become a porer spouse, parent or employee, then the amount of time spent needs some review. Overall though I am not sorry for the time I've spent here.

    Very well said. I've thought alot about the same thing. Overall I've cut back quite a bit on the time and posting I do not here since I first joined. I think I've finally reached that happy medium. For awhile this forum and other related ones were occupying most of my spare time. The first thing I'd do when I got home from work was to check the forum and once in a while, I'd check at work although we're not supposed to. Now I can actually go a few days in a row without having a strong need to go to the forum.
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    It really depends on what kind of return you are looking for. Forums like this seem a good place for socializing and typology makes a good topic for conversations that have no end. Forums can either be a good or bad investment in looking for specific info such as "What size sub woofer and amp should I put in my Kei car". It really just depends on what you want. But figuring out what you want and being honest with yourself about it can be pretty hard.

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