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It doesnt even sound like a game of soldiers, when I think about how we used to play cowboys and indians with small plastic cast men when I was young it was way worse than this and very possibly racist, we also had lots of games running about with make believe machine guns or toy ones. Its impossible to get actual plastic toy guns in the UK now pretty much.
Do they outlaw violent video games too then? cause that would be worse, if they find harmless toys that bad...
I could never really understand how people can equate video games with leading to violence in reality though. In reality there's an empathy and a karmic reaction that people experience when they hurt other people - it influences their reality in dark and unpleasant ways. In a video game though, you get none of that and if you are playing with other people, it's no different than playing a sport. I just don't get it; it makes me think people blame stuff that they don't actually understand...or they wouldn't see the reason in it.