Oh... to address the quotation: "Force is the weapon of the weak."

1) The use of any and all tools=weapons is prerequisite to any and all application of force.

1a) Weapons can be of all kinds, psychological, physical, emotional, etc... the unifier is that weapons are deliberately used to affect someone else's freedom or decision-making with the threat of pain or promise of pleasure. (thus, a battering ram, a forceful argument, the pledging of money for the furtherance of the receiver's personal indulgences, and the lure of sex, all share the characteristic of being utilizable as weapons.) They are all tools for the imposition of power.... "tool/instrument" is merely a non-value laden name for a "weapon"... remember, all weapons are tools though not all tools may be weapons.

2) The application of force is prerequisite to the use of power.

3) Therefore, from 1 and 2, the use of tools=weapons is prerequisite to any and all use of power.

4) Both strong and weak (in terms of power) are using force, since we define how strong or weak some party is by the amount of power they wield. In order to wield power of any amount, one must use force (again of any amount) and to exert that force one must use a weapon. All parties, weak, strong, or middling, must use weapons to exert force in their exercise of power.

5) "Force is the weapon of the weak" is FALSE... since it implies that force is a weapon, whereas all weapons are rather means of communicating force in the exercise of power.

6) "Both weak and strong must use some kind of force in the exercise of power. All 'forces' (psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) are essentially (!) the same."

NB I've generalized the meaning of force as being more than just inducement of physical violence apropos common understanding as per my argument in the preceding post.
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Interesting aside (I'm NOT saying this is a valid argument... it's just interesting!).... analogically speaking:

Force = mass X acceleration = mass X (distance/time-squared)

Work = Force X displacement

Power = Work / time

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Thus, Power implies Force but Force does not necessarily imply Power...

One cannot have Force without some medium for the communication of that Force... so one must have a tool (a lever for displacement of an object, a hammer to the head of the nail, a sword in the gut, a hand for the slapping of the face, a hand for the caressing of the face, all various kinds of Forces communicated through tools/instruments)...

A weapon may be generalized as any instrument used in the application of a focused Force against some being (animal or human) for domination.

SO.... if Power > 0, then there must be some Force (exerted through a weapon, or tool).