Here's an article about the recent decisions of the courts in the US about the use of pictures for commercial purposes from online sites, this has interested me for a while.

I'm not a great photographer and would like to be better but I read a lot recently about how photo hosting sites, some of which it was necessary to use prior to android phones becoming compatable for instant uploading to Facebook and other social media.

Some of these sites, and Facebook now that they are in some ways a photo hosting site too, have introduced user agreements which provide them with the right to use your content for marketing, not simply if you subscribe to Facebook's dating app then your picture from that app will be used to attract other subscribers, which I dont know, in some ways that makes sense or is predictable.

I've seen cube books and other cheapy productions which are essentially free content or users content collected into a bound volume and sold to bargain book shops and thought, wow, some of these pictures are not great, although then I thought could they be from users or amauteur photographers who do not know their content is being used?

What's your thoughts on this? Its surely not only news agencies which could be interested in using free or non-expensive content for commercial purposes.