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    Default European Court of Human Rights rules on number of discrimination cases

    Involving Christians exercising expressions or judgement on the basis of religious conscience.

    I think this isnt much of a result really, the case of the nursing staff I dont believe should have made it this far as it would appear that they were challenging a general prohibition on wearing jewelry, the case of the airline hostess was simply a ruling based upon the fact that the company had changed their positions in a manner which appeared really incriminating and the final case of the counsellor is one which I hope does not stop here.

    There is a video clip and its very clear that he's no bigot, he states honestly that the would carry out an initial assessment with any same sex couple that he encountered but would honestly advise them to seek another counsellor as he could not relate to their sexuality or how they conceive of love, that's pretty honest, he could easily have done a bad job or a very standard response job with them, ie bluffed, but he didnt and I respect that.

    In some ways I think this is unfair because it is Christians who are the target of secular authorities here, in the same broadcast which included this story there was a broadcast before it discussing a £4000 pay cut for police officers which featured Sikh's wearing coloured turbins as opposed to police helmets, which is the sort of overt faith based expression which outrages secularists when it is based upon Christian, western heritage instead.
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    To me it comes across like everyone involved is blowing things out of proportion. But I'm neither religious or gay or in charge of any sort of dress codes. I don't know about in the UK, but over here in the US people do act as if it's okay to be openly discriminatory against whoever is in the majority. That includes Christians, white people, straight people, etc. That is not the same thing as saying that the majority is discriminated against more, I don't believe that at all, but that it's more out in the open.

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