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Yeah. Ironically I think GLD has a hand in this because I see their ads everywhere that this crisis scare appears. GLD being a traded fund that is backed by an actual gold vault so that people can 'trade gold' without actually having to deal with the stuff (hauling it around and dealing with the insurance etc)

The thing about GLD is that only the authorized big dogs actually have access to the gold. Everyone else invests in shares but it's not the same as having a share where you can cash out real gold even though it's backed by real gold.

Anyway, I think this scare is perpetrated by those who could stand to profit from people 'preparing' for crisis.
Oh definitely, in the UK there's a lot of incredible fictional fortunes being traded too which are just numbers on screens but with devastating repercussions for the real economy.

The end credits of the Will Ferrel movie The Other Guys has a great graphic about Ponzi schemes and explaining how similar a lot of the major financial institutions business cultures are to stuff like this.