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Thread: War anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    China has ballistic missles targetted at USA aircraft carriers
    I don't care if China has missles targetted or missiles targeted.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    The dollar may collapse within the next 10 years, causing hyperinflation & unemployment that, if too severe, could trigger a civil war.

    Conjectures, for now.

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    Yeah, I'm ready for the war and looking forward to it. It's time to thin the herd. Earn our right to live. Forge our bodies in the fires of our desire. That whole thing.

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    I'm not looking forward to the prospect of war. A long drawn out world conflict will drive technological progress but it will pale in comparison to massive economic, social and infrastructure issues that would occur in the very countries to the point that outside of further conflict I cannot see the technology being able to be implemented on a wide scale. We will wipe out an antagonist but at the loss of ourselves.

    There is also the prospect of oil shortages and collapse of international trade. This isn't 1945 anymore. If I'm not mistaken resources are more expensive and hard to come by (especially oil) and the facets of society are significantly more complex and globalised compared to the localisation that existed at the end of WW2. Fighting a war and rebuilding afterwards will likely be far, far more costly and difficult. Modern civilisation at least in my understanding always stands on the edge of a precipice and it's our resistance which prevents it from falling in.

    If America wants to make itself useful it needs to mimic what China is doing IMHO. China is supposedly aiming to colonise Africa and are getting themselves knee deep in their natural resources. America should try the same in South America if it cannot make any ground in Africa. South America is good because it can then mimic what the British did and secretly (and illegally) smuggle cocaine and various drugs into China. Weaken them from within whilst getting paid big money. It's always nice to have something to export don't you find?

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    China is the least of my worries. They've slowly shed some of their more questionable ideas in recent years, not built upon them. They're undergoing change like anyone. Also, maybe since I'm part Asian (and some Chinese), I'm not scared of the big yellow menace overseas with equal power to my old crusty white brethren in the states. Nope, not buying into the fearmongering. I'd only be scared if I was one of them. Hell, I'd be scared of a black president too if we had one of those.

    Oh wait. We do have one of those.

    Fear is the only thing left for these whiners. I'm sick of it.

    Besides, I'm more concerned about various pockets of chaos in the world, rather than a society more fixated on Order like China is. I'm a fan of Order. Even if it's China. The devil you know. They're just as concerned about correcting various asshats around the globe (ie terrorism) as the states are. They are friends in that respect at least. And when you know day-to-day people of China like I do, you'd view them differently. Government aside, the day to day peoples of most countries give me hope. No matter how powerful governments are, I think there's always a chance for the people to dictate the true direction of a country. And China is showing that the people are still determining a lot of things, despite a lot of setbacks. They are a country focused on their growth and evolution, not conquering everyone.

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