I read in Anthony's Beevor's book about the Spainish Civil War about a contrast between the conservative/fascist forces dedication and devotion to churches and national heritage and the anarchists/socialists/republicans mirrored dedication and devotion to universities, hospitals and libraries. These were symbols and institutions or structures which each side would fight to the death to seize or hold.

I was wondering if, first, this sort of dichotomy is fair between the left wing and the right wing as to what is considered sacred or of value?

Second, I was wondering if with changes in the availability of information and the decrease in the role of professional mediators or managers, such as librarians, medical professionals, professors and lecturers has led to a hollowing out of universities, hospitals and libraries as subjects of intrinsic value? If not presently could trending changes eventually result in this "hollowing out".

If this is the case where would this leave the left wing? Is the right wing going to be effected in a similar way by similar trends?