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Of course you hate us, but who can blame you? Our budget surplus is one of the seven wonders of the economic world.

One of the other six wonders is our Productivity Commission which is an independent body funded by the government which tells the government what it doesn't want to know. Having an independent body with no vested interests is priceless.

At present count we have 1.5 thousand billion Australian dollars in our superannuation account alone. The amount is so enormous it is out of this world.

Our investment pipeline is so big it would have paid for a landing on the Moon and an excursion to Mars.

The Australian dollar is the sixth most traded currency in the world and has been designated a Reserve Currency of the World by the International Monetary Fund.

Nonetheless it is a wonder that your financiers put your money into US or Swiss short term government bonds at negative interest rates. That's right, you are paying your government to take your money. While in Oz we will pay you to look after your money, while your money is completely safe with our Triple A Credit Rating.

And if this wasn't enough, we are making social advances that lead the world.

I don't hate you...I like Neighbours...Holly Valance...Kylie once not so much now...and your rugby is amazing!

In a few years I want to be sitting on a beach in Sydney sipping a Tooheys and munching on some shrimps.

But get rid of that old socialist hag first.