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    Ren Fest, the magical place where both ninjas and knights still exist!
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkles View Post
    The Ninja did exist and they had secret clans. They did do espionage, night attacks, set fire to stuff.

    They weren't mystical of course, and they probably weren't even great fighters. They used kusarigama and kunai and such not because they're special ninja weapons, but because they're made from farming tools and they could carry them around without being questioned as much. They probably wore normal clothes and looked like regular people most often. There were some samurai - even famous ones - that also doubled as ninja.
    Yeah but the real ninjas were meant to have been chinese surgeons or medicine dealers operating in Japan who specialised in poisons or deadly use of needles or the like.
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