Hai gaiz. Don't exactly know what subforum to put this in, but this one seemed to match closest.

I've been thinking about forming my own philanthropic organization. You may of heard of some of the bigger ones like MSF (doctors without borders), Canadian Network for International Surgery, Canadian Red Cross, the Food Bank or Food Shelf (these are pretty localized organizations, and there's probably one serving the area where you live). I want to form something like that, except with my personal vision to it.

At this point I'm just composting ideas. Not really sure how or if I'm going to put something together. I just wanted to help my thought process by talking about it with others who are interested.

There is a lot of sentiment out there, and a lot of people who have a desire to "change the world". I do too. There are so many things that I'd like to improve, and many would say that my dreams are too big to be realistic. I don't think that's true.

I think most importantly, I'd like to change people's beliefs, attitudes, values and perceptions. I mean, big big changes. People are too greedy and self-centered. I believe that's changeable. I think everybody is very much influenced by culture. By the beliefs and norms of where they grew up, who they spent time with, and the particular milieu of the time period. Everybody wants to have a good self image. Everybody has an ego. Everyone has values. I'd like to see a less individualistic, and more communal and cooperative culture. I'd like to see less emphasis on wealth and power, and more emphasis on personal relationships. I'd like to see a culture where there is a very strong widespread belief that violence is absolutely repugnant, and anybody who conducts violence would feel massive shame. The same for dishonesty. This is realistic. It's possible. All these values, attitudes and beliefs are learned. It may take a long time, maybe a hundred years to change world culture this drastically. It WILL take some very brilliant people (not me) to figure out exactly how to get from here to there. My job would be to find these people, and push them in the right direction. I'm sure that there are some ENFJ geniuses out there who know how to influence people really well. Maybe some 25 year old who's itching to put their talents to work, but have no direction. That's where I come in Or so I imagine.

The reason why I think change in culture is most important, is because everything else follows from that. You don't need a shitload of funding going to military, police or prisons if no one's hurting each other. You get funding going towards things that help us become overall, a much more successful race (human race). There's no need for homelessness or unemployment. Everybody can be contributing by doing SOME kind of work. It's possible to have a much more efficient allocation of human resources. I feel as though all my dreams are realistic, because they don't require resources to appear out of thin air, but they require reallocation of resources that we, as a human race, have.

Most people would see a low income nation as needy. For sure, they need help. But I see them more as underutilized resources. If their economy would develop faster (or develop at all), they'd be able to take care of themselves really well. Not only that, I'm sure they have many brilliant people who, with education, would be able to help evolve humanity's scientific knowledge and technology.

I don't really know how to make an economy develop very quickly. Or how to set the proper governmental framework necessary for that to happen. I don't know how to influence cultural change on a massive level in the direction that I want. Or how to set up a very efficient employment system. But I think it's all very possible. Right now I'm trying to take these vague ideas and put it into a more concrete plan. I know I'm going to need a lot of help. I'm not a genius. I'm not good at everything. I think there are a lot of smart people out there who are interested in the same things as me though.