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    1st, the guy is 60 and the chick is 40 and hot as hell. I'm sure he enjoyed tapping that very much.

    2nd, there's so much pretentiousness in maintaining a public image that it leaves little room for a person to be human. I don't think someone cheating on his wife is grounds for dismissal/resignation. I get that it reflects poor character, but I still don't think that makes him a poorer employee than the next guy who simply hides his flaws better. I think it's naive to think that an authority figure's public image is a very accurate portrayal of their true character.

    And Obama's administration hid a bunch of things before the election was over? Well no shit. Find me an honest and successful politician. I highly doubt Romney would be much better. Don't get me wrong, I completely agree that these cover ups were wrong. But, you're surprised? Like you didn't expect it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpankyMcFly View Post
    The woman he was having an affair with did the pissing off actually.

    The woman he had an affair with was sending harrasing-threatening emails to another woman and that woman knew an FBI guy, who got the ball rolling on an investigation. They found out it was the lady Petreus was having an affair with so they then checked him out to confirm it was indeed him. It was an affair he had and ended prior to becoming the CIA chief.

    P.S. The woman he had an affair with was his biographer.

    P.S.S. B*****s be crazy.
    They would've hushed it up to avoid scandal if it was just that simple methinks. I think he pissed someone off at the pentagon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I saw it as a practical decision. Basically, someone that high up who does that exposes himself and his lover to easy blackmail by foreign opponents. Many articles seem to include the following paragraph or two:
    Yes but couldn't anyone in a position like this expose themselves to their wife/husband/spouse/sibling..etc in the same sort of way?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    Yes but couldn't anyone in a position like this expose themselves to their wife/husband/spouse/sibling..etc in the same sort of way?
    I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. Can you clarify?
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