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    Quote Originally Posted by gasoline View Post

    Quoted for awesomeness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great One View Post
    Romney is full of shit. You can't trust a damn word he says.
    no one says he's not.
    but he will want to run again, if he wins, and he won't be re-elected if he cuts those programs, and he knows that. the obama campaign would have you believe he'll cut those programs, but he won't. you'll still have a steady flow of free obama/romney money/phones.

    the more salient point in this discussion is that you don't need poor people programs if you're on typology central.
    we fukin won boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by xisnotx View Post
    And it has nothing to do with his politics. I think he's doing fine...

    It's just that he is fast becoming a huge 'mental block' in my mind. I'm not sure I could last another four years with him...

    I realize nobody (or maybe, very few) will be able to relate. The honest truth is that I feel like he stole my life. Growing up, I had dreams of accomplishing similar things to what he has accomplished...I actually had set it up pretty nicely imo...

    Only to turn 18 and realize a guy had just done what I was going to try to do...(though differently)..

    It's like I was born 20 years too late.

    And it's like, now what? What do I do?

    And obviously, in my mind, he's now a standard I have to beat...which is pretty much impossible at this point...depending on what is being measured, at least..

    Regardless, I have my work cut out for me...

    And it's like I have very little say so in my life anymore...any and all opportunities, I must take, just for my own sake.

    (Though no matter what family remains my biggest priority..)

    Obviously, these types of thoughts are irrational...but who ever said I had to be rational?

    So, yeah, he's like a huge monkey on my back...which is insane...but that's what it's like for me. And how many people know what it's like to have the leader of the effing free world be a 'monkey on your back'?

    I wonder if the feeling is even understandable?

    I wish I were a bit older, I think it's unfortunate that his presidency is happening through a very formative block of my life, I could have dealt with it better if I were a bit older. As it is, I've made so many personal mistakes in my life...

    I mean, it's like, no matter what I'll do, it'll be like...'yeah, but someone already did it better'...the converse being, if that doesn't happen, then you know I did something huge...

    It's like I'm a redundant human being...and my life's purpose is to prove to myself, and others, that that isn't the case.

    Not to mention the whole anti christ thing...just imagine the possible conclusions I'd have to have considered? It's ridiculous that I've been put in this position...even though it's all in my head...but, really, how could I not at least think about it? I was a stupid teenager, I am a stupid young adult, I have no idea of the nature of anything...and it's traditionally the time people start thinking about such things, critically at least, anyway...

    Another part of me just wants to move away and never come back...but I can't rationally justify that...

    So, the sooner he isn't around anymore, the sooner I can forget he ever existed and the sooner I can go ahead and start living my life...and the better I'll be, cognitively, I mean..

    Because, I've been struggling a bit in that sense..

    (Redundant as my life may end up being, I have to try at least...otherwise I might as well not have existed..)

    And I have no idea how the heck I'll ever do anything that is even close to comparable...

    And if he does win another four years, that's four years where I'll just be watching my would be life being lived (though that's an arrogant assumption)...a waste of four years of my life, before, I guess, I get to put up a response that'll be extremely weak in comparison, inevitably, because, really, who the hell am I?

    So, yeah, just my thoughts this morning...
    And Mitt will make it all better for you?
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.

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