What better way to rig an election than to buy the voting machines? If this is true (I'm not convinced it is, yet) and Romney wins Ohio, there will be a shitstorm. This is such a massive conflict of interest that it should disqualify Romney from the ballot in every state where voting machines owned by his family are used.

In our previous article we outlined the connection and concerns regarding Ohio’s electronic voting machines.

In this article we dig deeper and find the connections of Mitt Romney, Tagg Romney, HIG Capital, Solamere Capital, Bain Capital, former Bain employees, current Romney campaign bundlers and Ohio’s electronic voting machines. This connection could explain why Mitt Romney so confidently claims in his campaign speeches that “We will win this election”.

Last month, Romney made particular reference to winning Pennsylvania and as we discovered the real threat of an upset could occur in the state of republican run Ohio.

Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted took disturbing and drastic measures to curb early voting, and many of President Obama’s voters in 2008 were early voters. Voter Suppression tactics are being used in many red states, from Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, and Virginia which are key states Romney needs to win.

Currently, the state of Ohio is run by republicans who have made serious attempts at voter suppression. The state passed laws to limit early voting, requiring strict voter ID requirement in key democrat areas specifically which were fought in the courts.

Ohio Democrats are now alerted to the possibility that the election which hinges on a win for the President in the state of Ohio could be another victim of possible voter tampering with e-vote machines used in the state.

We have outlined the connection of Tagg Romney, the son of Mitt Romney who has recently taken a very active role in lobbying for his father to win the Presidency. Two days ago on a radio station Tagg Romney said he wanted to punch President Obama out, after Debate Two on a southern radio station.

Ohio Right Now- Will Use Romney Owned E-Voting Machines- As of Oct. 19, 2012

On Twitter we have advised Ted Strickland, The Democratic Party, and President Obama of our findings in this convoluted relationship between: Tagg Romney, Mitt Romney, HIG and HART Intercivic electronic machines to be used on November 9, 2012.

Unfortunately this was only discovered at this late stage, however the Ohio Democrats must now take action by: inspecting the HART Intercivic machines, trace which servers are counting the vote and by whom, where the servers are located and the possibility that the vote count could still be hacked, even from great distances and investigate this whole matter.

This can be handled by hiring a technology expert company to monitor the voting machines, during the election, professional hackers that can trace any irregularities, errors and by comparing stats on the voters roll, voters who are registered, paper records, democrat voters lists, republican voters lists, scrutineers hired to monitor the votes at each poll station in Ohio and other states. In addition, votes from the 2008 number counts can be matched to this election but not until after the election.

The Democrats must be vigilant to avoid a possible repeat of 2000, 2004 where a republican win was in question.

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