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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    It takes two people to make a baby. That is not a product of society, it is basic biology. I don't see what the great burden is in using BC, whether you are male or female. We know how to prevent conception. If that is important to someone and he/she does not take those simple, necessary measures, it is just irresponsible. (Women would probably be happy to be able to avoid assault in questionable areas by putting on a simple "assailant-repeller".)
    I'm not taking issue with the baby, I'm taking issue with the legal issues surrounding a baby. It is true that, even if a man were free to walk away and never worry about some woman carrying his child, that this man might still have done what he did. However, it is also likely that he was motivated in part by the thought of being financially responsible for a child he didn't want. Does this make sense?

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    No, it isn't, it's not like they're lethal drugs, drugging somebody without their consent is insanely fucked up, but legally, in my opinion, it is something more along the lines of aggravated assault.

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