I'm asking this question because I'm wondering if there could possibly have been any other time it was better to be a conservative? I'm using that in a popular, mainly American, sense of the word but you get the idea, it seems like there is no credible opposition, not ideologically, most of the liberal or opposition parties in power globally have borrowed sufficiently from conservatism in order to be able to hold office as makes next to no difference, in at least the three major world leading states the radical "alternative" is some order of conservatism, ie free market capitalism is fiscal conservatism usually so called, and the global opponent, the "other", ie political islam, is a sort of conservatism itself.

Of the main opponents to conservatism there is a willingness to compromise in practice if not in principle and vote for conservatism on the grounds of fiscal policy even if the other policies are disliked. The fragmentation of conservatism also, into paleo-conservatism, liberal conservatism, fiscal conservatism, neo-conservatism, theo-conservatism, has illustrated how any new political thinking or innovative thinking has been within the one school of thought anyway.

Where there exists unassailable opponents, like Obama in the states, it seems to really be a matter of persona and something which is not typical but the exception to the rule and not a signal for deep or widespread cultural shifts either. Most of the time these instances provide a locus or focus around which conservatives can organise and produce a lot of creative oppositional rants and merchandise.

There's no socialism, no communism, no great "other" or contender for world or cultural hegemon, it really does seem like "there is no alternative" and what remains of these once great ideas has been neutralised and integrated within social structures in a manner which provides even greater solidity and security for the overall conservative monolith, ie socialism, communism, even liberalism, have become "a phase one goes through".