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I don't know this thread is talking about conservatives in america or conservatives in general, as i don't know much about american politics and the former.

The conservative worldview is generally that the past is better, and that we should look back to glories of the past for guidance. The present is a degeneration from the past, and that we should look back to past values to reinvigorate our society. Conservatives are generally enemies of liberals, who seek change and a break away from the past. In short, Conservatives are generally resistant to change, and believe the past is always better.

In the long term, conservatives generally will lose, because society is progressive and constantly moving forward, and the past cannot provide guidance and solutions to the problems we are suffering in the present and the near future.
I dont believe that conservatives are about fixating upon a golden age in the distant past anymore than I believe liberals or progressives, rather, are about fixating upon a golden age in the distant future.

There are reflective conservatives, or so Bagehot suggests conservatives should be, which seek to balance tradition and innovation, erring on the side of tradition because its tested, while innovations are untested.