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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post

    You can't just call anything you cannot relate to propaganda, lol.
    I can relate to the feelings involved and I have discussed that above. The use of the term "dignity" is manipulative and you haven't said anything to make me think otherwise. The reason why I use the term "propaganda" is because for a period of time I do believe the bbc was engaged in a propaganda campaign in favor of assisted suicide with a documentary and a number of newscasts on the issue all clearly biased.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarelle View Post
    I wasn't suggesting that it should be. I was just giving the example that I've heard of lots of bad things happening in nursing homes, but not bad things happening as a result of laws such as the one in question. I'm not saying it wouldn't be abused, but there are already places where this law has been passed, and I haven't heard of any abuse. That is why I asked if all the terrible things that everyone is imagining could happen, actually do.
    Ah! I read that entirely wrong then.

    The thing with that is, I don't really trust the media to be a determining factor in what actually exists or not. I'm reading military news stories here about people retaliating to embassy attacks, but I see nothing on CNN talking about that. No one ever hears of 90% of what happens in the world.

    I don't doubt that the cases are small.. but this issue is way more permanent. I think the law should be extended to the groups it was intended to bring dignity to.. less than 6 months of life doesn't fix the years of trauma, pain, and suffering that happens to people with illnesses like that. If they're in pain, terminally ill, and no cure with pitiful treatment options (in the case of Alzheimers and other dementia patients) they won't be able to make a decision like that 6 months out. They'd need to make it years out. After you get to the 6 month mark, that window is so incredibly tiny that they might as well not have had any say in it at all. It's too narrow-minded.

    If the point is to give dignity to people, then this is the wrong way of going about it. Half a year is no time at all, and miserably short in terms of relieving pain and suffering.
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