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It'd be so awesome if McCain won, after all the media attention on Obama vs Clinton. Living in Australia, I thought for a while there that America was actually in the middle of an election with Obama and Clinton being the two opposing candidates. Then I found out that they were both in the same party, and that the actual election was about a year away. So depressing.
Finally, someone outside the country who shares our PAIN . Lol.

But seriously, why WOULD I vote for Mccain? Because the thought of Obama with Hillary as vice president makes me feel like dying (or at least being cryogenically frozen so I can dream of a world where a true candidate for the American people becomes president). However, I will not spend a single calorie to go to the polls and vote in Novemeber for Mccain, because dammit, he's not much better. Not even RUSH LIMBAUGH supports the guy, as much as he tends to support the Republicans at all costs. Hopelessness and despair, ever since the idotic democrats took over Congress...