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    If obama were a 3w2, I would say him even more, except for his situation with merika right now...or then. Whenever they were all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SD45T-2 View Post
    It would be more clear to say that the leftist mindset is that the governent should take care of people as much as possible. As far as believing whatever you want, that is not a unique characteristic of the members of any one poitical party.

    Here's a suggestion:
    That reflects what I have observed much more.

    Conservatives feel that it's more of a community or religious responsibility to minister to people who cannot help themselves and that government involvement just adds inefficiency. Liberals support a government which helps people who cannot help themselves, because sometimes people fall through the cracks if left to community or religion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orobas View Post
    Ahh, but Istbkleta Romney is also an ENTP.
    I think Romney is an ENTJ. Beebe says Obama is an ISTP.

    I'm hoping to see some ideas in this area - the public's perception of the functions in the examples of Romney&Obama.

    It appears to me Te is generally recognized as a leadership function but I was wondering about the perception of the inferior Fi as selfish and self-serving.

    I don't think Ti is recognized as a leadership function. There has been criticism over Obama's willingness to make too many sacrifices to promote unity. Yet it seems to me his Fe is helping him, possibly making people feel more connected and comfortable with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    Which corresponds to which party? I don't really see either of those in either party.
    And the parties do not see it in themselves-that is what is so disturbing. Thus if you try and share an alternate perspective, you become labeled with the default slur of either "greedy/selfish" or "socialist/enabler".

    Niether side is listening or thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Istbkleta View Post
    It appears to me that Romney's Te comes with plenty of semiconscious, selfish Fi.

    And Obama's Ti comes with an almost crippling, semiconscious desire for unity (Fe).
    this is an egregious, flagrant misuse of typology.

    everything you say about the functions is untrue anyway.
    Fi is not selfish and Fe is not necessarily interested in fostering unity.
    we fukin won boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orobas View Post
    And the parties do not see it in themselves-that is what is so disturbing. Thus if you try and share an alternate perspective, you become labeled with the default slur of either "greedy/selfish" or "socialist/enabler".

    Niether side is listening or thinking.
    Not that I disagree here, as I believe something very similar, but I think your original construction (You should take care of others NO MATTER WHAT IT COSTS" vs "I can believe WHAT I want even if ridiculous and stupid") was slanted against the Republicans, and only really focused on social issues for them, not economic ones. The economic line is "this amount of government spending is not feasible/sustainable". And, well, it's not. Really, that's what the libertarian/moderate side of the party is about. But the conservative side tends to believe it too.
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