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View Poll Results: What has been your average effective tax rate over the years?

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    I do pay a lot of taxes but I'm not worried about it, if I was ever reaching a point were I would move a band and get taxed even more I'd seek to take my hours as time off rather than money.
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    I have payed very little in the last few years, other than state and sales taxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    ygolo, what I'd be really interested in seeing is how things like sales and property tax (including the portion of rent that goes to pay for property taxes) fit into that. It wouldn't surprise me if the poor and middle class paid significantly higher taxes as a percentage of income compared to the wealthy because the capital gains tax is so low.
    That sort of information would be difficult to poll for on a site like this. I am pretty sure if you did some digging, you could find statistics regarding this somehow. If you find them, do let us know.

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    i dont work atm, so my taxing is 20% only, i think it was 25-27%(and voluntarily raised it to bit over 30% for a while) when i had a job.
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