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So we have the judicial appointments, which seems like a fairly viable reason. I still think much of the majority of voters don't actually consider that.

Rail Tracer, a couple of the things you said seems almost self-referential. It's sort of like the president is important because people believe he is important.
That is because he IS important. After all, the foundation of the Executive Branch is the president. The president has fundamental roles that neither the Legislative, nor the Judicial Branch has and we can't forget that. As long as the Senate filibuster every stinkin' bill that comes up with any unyielding bill, then there is no way they can force a bill through.

While I don't like the idea that there is a big possibility that they'll get the Senate Majority, what I am hoping for is that the senators will decide to filibuster any and all bills where the Republicans won't "compromise." I'm hoping that Obama would be willing to veto every bill that isn't for "compromise." And I am hoping that Obama would use the bully pulpit like he should be using. That is the stupid backbone that the Senators and Representatives need in order to ram through bills that NEEDS to be enacted, rather than fall back.

In some cases, ALL blame can be put on the Legislative because the Democrats no longer take hold of what bills can and cannot be made. The only thing the senators can do would be to filibuster any law they see detrimental.