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    I'm voting. undecided.

    I wish they had like ten hour long debates where candidates have to give presentations with charts and facts and figures, expert testimonies ect.

    I don't understand why and exhaustive conversation about all the issues is not mandatory election procedure. Why should should the future of the nation be interrupted for a commercial peddling pizza or beer or

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    As usual I'm going to vote for the Not Republican Party.

    I'm neither apathetic toward the issues nor a political nihilist. I am not terribly impressed with my choices, though. I don't dislike Obama and Biden, but I hardly feel like they represent me or that they will (or did) seriously fight for any cause I believe in. They are just not remotely as bad as Romney, Ryan, and the Republican party in general.

    I read this article today and it observes a lot of what's disappointing about the Democratic party.
    What this person said.
    Dirt Farmer

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    Yes, I'll be voting this year -- and not in favor of tax breaks for millionaires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublejm1 View Post
    Yes, I'll be voting this year -- and not in favor of tax breaks for millionaires.
    Should we have a poll? Methinks Obama would win the TypeC election, but I wonder by how much.
    Dirt Farmer

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