In the UK there's been a lot of talk lately about further and further deregulation of employment markets, meaning the recinding of employment laws which protect workers from unfair dismissal, there has been discussion of "no blame" dismissal which will eliminate any recourse in the part of those dismissed to legal redress or damages of any kind in cases were they suspect that something other than stated reasons have lead to their dismissal.

This is something which really bothers me because I see it as a bullies charter and naked class struggle in a scenario in which the labour force is deracialised, not unionised and in no way and no sense militant at all. Its pummelling somoene while they are down and out. The incredible thing about it all is that in the extremely Thatcherite culture and climate of the UK its very, very popular. I can only conclude that people think it will apply to someone else, someone they dont like, not themselves or their friends or associates.

The thing which bothers me about it too is that it syncs perfectly with the most negative and deletorious aspects of the managerial revolution, all it amounts to is more power, much more power, to the managers. I think they already have too much and can manufacture narratives which demotivate as much as motivate and lead to situations in which productive or innovative individuals are dealt with as potential threats or rival voices/perspectives rather than assets. With greater power it will just become the small matter of dismissing everyone who they dont like or suspect may know as much or more than them, even if they are not a rival and do what they can to make this intent clear to them. I also think there are cultural issues which will permit this kind of thing, ie widespread convictions that people are no good, that incompetence, ignorance or ineptitude is widespread, that standards are not what they once were rather than people simply being more educated and informed than ever etc.

What is your opinion about labour force protections and legal reforms? Will it stimulate the economy to permit more people to be sacked?