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    Default "Undermining white privelege in one of the whitest cities in the US"

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    This is quite unfair because "white people" face racism just like anyone else. I understand the underlying purpose of such campaigns especially in target areas, but they could've covered a wider and fairer scope without making a certain group a pseudo-scapegoat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    This is quite unfair because "white people" face racism just like anyone else. I understand the underlying purpose of such campaigns especially in target areas, but they could've covered a wider and fairer scope without making a certain group a pseudo-scapegoat.
    I agree with that, in less than ten years the Chinese will be nation no. 1, perhaps not militarily or in terms of aggressive foreign policy but they will be the richest and thanks to a protracted campaign of purchases they will probably own most of the worlds scare and not so scarce resources, ironically threatening to turn capitalism on its head by exploiting property rights norms.

    Anyway, the Chinese believe that they are descended from virtually a different species to the rest of the human race, this is not a cultural prejudice but a "scientific" and academic "fact" taught in universities, using complex geneologies and archeology steming back to the Nazi "racial science" researchs predating WW2.

    That either is potentially or is in fact seriously racist because it invites the idea that, whether or not there is a common ancestory way, way back in the mists of times when everyone were monkeys, some people are "subhumans" and others are the real "humans", history is a good guide to what happens when that sort of racist othering process takes place and it sucks to be in the out group.

    That sort of thing should be taxing the imagination anyone really worried about racism, or even racialism, instead of this tired old guilt trip on white people again. Its also seriously simplistic since white people do experience both racialism and racism, I've see footage on TV of white reporters assaulted along with their camera crews because they've been reporting from incidents in or near black neighbourhoods in the states, similar shit happened in the UK during the London riots, Plan B's song about the riots virtually valorised or validated the behaviour and lots of nasty right wing white racist groups sought to capitalise on it big style.

    Its something I learned a long time ago, in some personally terrifying circumstances, in relation to sectarianism in NI, that it doesnt really matter how PC and "right on" in your views you are if someone else thinks you're one of "them" and they hate "them" they are not going to care a great deal, you are not going to be protected from hate just by being supposedly "anti-hate" and a lot of these campaigns are essentially disarming of good willed people.
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    It is pretty amazing that in America the only race that it's socially acceptable to be racist towards is white people. It is even more amazing that white people are accepting such a BS campaign-anywhere.
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    My favorite speaker on the subject:

    It isn't so much that I tolerate racism of any sort.. but there's a certain degree of understanding that minorities are still playing catch-up. The campaign itself is blunt--but not entirely wrong.

    It takes it too far by assuming that we should be ashamed of being white, and ashamed of how we act.. It is in human nature to be a bit racist, and I'm not going to be chained to the ground in guilt over people's faults that I didn't even know in my lifetime. It isn't a matter of "is it fair to be born white?" or whatever question it was that was posted.. It isn't even about that. To focus on white skin is to also feed the racism. I understand what the message of the campaign is trying to do, but they're ironically helping the machine by doing it.
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    I wish more people were comfortable with just being.

    Growing up in San Antonio, I've experienced a good amount of racism from all camps to all camps.

    I guess, whatever some people need to do to feel they're a part of something

    Though to give it a fair shake, having three best friends who are black I've seen fairly surprising statistics many whites would likely deny on intuition. I've also been in situations I feel wouldn't have existed had I been accompanied by whites =X
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    Being aware of privilege is not the same thing as being ashamed of what you were born with.

    But I find it funny how threads like this often end up proving the point of campaigns like the one in question.
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    Tis odd, i have experienced..hmm, not racism but skin colour-ism...which it pretty stupid but exists.

    Many times.

    Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's glaringly obvious. I'm all for the underdog in isms's... reaching out for equality. We do seem, in the UK, have a ridiculous pc trait of almost anti-white-ism.

    Recent example of colour-ism i have experienced.

    In a really packed bar/club with a friend, one of a minority of white (cream-being-pinky whatever) people. This really dosn't bother me btw, i have had lots of experience being a minority within a group, i'm really ok with tthat.
    BUt the place was heaving and i felt a little clostrophobic, i don't like overly crowded places, i like to have room to dance.
    I was telling this to my esfj friend who could not understand why i wanted to sit in the beer garden and talk with people (which was less crowded) as opposed to stay on the dance floor...
    when this other girl piped up... oh we were in the lavatory queue.
    "What you moaning about? why you trying to ruin everyones time? about you don't like busy places...stay at home then innit"
    I tried to explain that i was simply telling my friend what is was i do not enjoy about crowded places. I then said to my friend that i though one of the reasons was because i am pretty petite and when a place is rammed so i can't see anything.
    Girl pipes up again "What!, stop ruining her night, shut up...plenty of black girls are short and you don't hear them complaining, stupid white girl, should have stayed at home"

    I was really impressed with myself for shrugging it off and not verbally retalliating, but really, it's not worth my energy.

    Funny thing was that although there was a huge queue not a single person seemed to even note the slur directed toward skin colour.

    It's not a massive big deal but it does happen and fairly frequently, more than we possibly realise because we have been conditioned to feel guilt for our grandparents or great grandparents politics.
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    Wow, that's idiotic. So am I privileged in January and disciminated during the month of July?
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    so just to be clear, this is a racial competition to determine who is the worst off and least privileged of them all, in which winning allows you to take more pride in your successes and take less responsibility in your losses, and whose looser would in fact be the one with most successes and least losses, as required of them in order to be determined to be the most privileged in the first place?

    basically the derived value of social perception from our status in life is now worth so much more then our actual status in life that people want to be the ones with less?

    this is why society is FREAKING AWESOME.

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