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    Default Dept. Of Heath And Human Services Defends Child Abuse

    “After significant thought and with great concern for the protection of my patients, I acted as a whistle-blower and made a lawful disclosure by raising my concerns about the health and safety of these abused children to more than just my direct supervisors, but to multiple appropriate agencies who could be intimately involved in resolving this public health crisis,” Dr. Tilus wrote. “This was more than just doing my job. Doing my job for five years had resulted in no agency action.”
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    Nice Twist to the Story...

    A government psychologist who was officially reprimanded for alerting his superiors to widespread child abuse on a North Dakota Indian reservation has had his punishment rescinded, the Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday.

    The psychologist, Michael R. Tilus, director of behavioral health at the Spirit Lake Health Center on the Spirit Lake Reservation, said he had been acting as a whistle-blower when he e-mailed letters to senior federal health officials...
    I was wondering.

    At the very least, it was horrible press for the DHHS... punishing a guy who was trying to protect children after five years of watching them suffer negligence and/or abuse.
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    I'm sure this is a pattern which is being repeated globally, most of these agencies are charged with carrying out duties they do not have the resources for and some may argue could not feasibly ever have the resources for, I think they could possibly be correct to do so and think its a little more than neo-liberalism and tax evasion preventing sufficient resources coming through.
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