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I don't think "mind-your-own-business liberalism" when I think "New York City." I think "nanny-state bureaucracy," as I do with most major cities.
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'Mind your own business' liberalism? That's an oxymoron, unless you're talking about classical liberalism, which New York is anything but...banning trans fats? That's in-your-face nanny state government.
Oh, it's nanny state alright - but not a soft, bleeding heart sort of nanny. pure_merc's right on the money with "bureaucracy". It's a major city requiring lots of coordination to have things functioning right (enough), so that's to be expected. But think of a nanny that finds it best to have the job for convenience but doesn't really want to care for the kid. She gets the kid, gives it candy to shut it up while she plops in front of the tv with a bowl of ice cream to catch her soap. The nanny doesn't give a shit if you go around the back to have monkey buttsecks with Johnny and abort the resulting ass-babies. You do your thing. But when you're going to give her more work by, e.g., shitting the bed and stinking up the joint, she gets involved (no trans fats for you!) because your business is now her business, too.

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The above posters don't seem to have heard of many other New York stereotypes.