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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    Loud. Mean. Aggressive. Example - I did some stuff at goldman sachs. Norm is to yell and swear at each other. Like rats in too small of a space. Where else on earth do I have to tell a cab driver how to go to where i am going to.
    Maybe my experience was different because I was a nanny- so wherever I went, I had a super cute 3 year old with me. I think Noah would feel more like you- he worked downtown and had to take the subway daily, and grew to just hate the commute with a passion.
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    Personally, I don't like the environment in cities. I need to get away from people more than that. From the "traveling" I've done, my fondest memories are associated with the landscape and the countryside, not the cities.

    New Orleans - A moderate amount of tourism-oriented character to it, but also just naturally kind of quirky mixed with traditional. People here definitely seem to have a "drink hard, pray hard" mentality, if you get what I mean.

    Atlanta - A very average city, to me. Can be nice and comfortable, but not really exciting in any particular way.

    West Palm Beach - Seemed nice, relaxing and homey, probably.

    Houston - Like Atlanta, seemed like a very "average" city in some respects. Not much historical or unique attraction. However, the mix of cultures was definitely an interesting element that changed things up a little without losing that traditional / normal feeling to it.

    Nashville - Kind of similar to Atlanta and Houston (maybe this is a Southern trend ), seemed very relaxing and home-feel as far as cities go.

    Montreal - It left the impression of being rather quiet and muted. Kind of liked it. I associate it with empty courtyards, pigeons, and grey weather.

    New York - Quite a few neat things to see, but gets old kind of quickly, I think. Too busy, of course. And something else... Maybe it seems to lack a central sense of what/who it is.
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