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Thread: advocacy groups

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    Default advocacy groups

    what's your opinion on them?

    perhaps i have had nothing to ever advocate, but i always feel like they're a waste of time. the group i found that spurs this thread was a group seeking to end tattoo discrimination....

    i mean really? is this what will usher a new age of thinking? but maybe i'm wrong, maybe it helps.

    do you have experience with advocacy groups?

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    I think sometimes they can raise general awareness/understanding of an important issue, but depending on how it's presented, they have the potential create a mockery of the very same problem they're trying to address--- then no one takes them seriously or gives that much of a damn, therein making the advocacy a pointless failure.

    take PETA and vegan groups.. these billboards make me laugh, every time:

    I think it's hilarious, and most of my friends seem to interpret the posters as material suggesting they eat kittens, from now on [which, ofc I am vehemently against, being a catlady & all]. - which, actually brings up another point.. depending on the competency of the recipients and the people spreading the info about their issue, many misunderstandings about the problem itself may arise, creating needless conflict, & still resulting in a failure to address said initial problem.

    So, ultimately I think it comes down to anything else humans create.
    It's potentially useful in competent hands.
    Otherwise, let's laugh at it, at least.
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    I think they serve a vital role, and without them there is effectively a state of institutional 'corporatism' where smaller and/or less entrenched groups are effectively shut out of the political process unless they operate through the (conditional) sponsership of large, established organizations.

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    Perhaps i should have began the thread with, "now i know this is my ignorance speaking..."

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    In the wrong hands, a mockery.

    In the well-intentioned, a medicine.

    In the greedy, a poison.

    It is really up to what kind of advocacy groups you are talking about, really. (Advocacy is a broad term.)

    The NRA, EFF, ACLU, RSF and a ton of others fight for citizen's rights, some/all amendments, help citizens in court cases, advocate to congress whether a bill meets standards (if they don't... a scene may be made.)

    Others, like PETA, while well intentioned, makes a mockery of the very thing they are trying advocate.

    Other groups advocate to protect/better their business group line of thinking. Ex: ALEC, ESA, MPAA, Chamber of Commerce (not be be confused with the US Chamber of Commerce,) RIAA, ISA, BSA, NCTA, etc. You don't know when a new business group may end up competing with your group for influence... and you need a group to better defend like-minded business.

    Let us talk about Super PACs. I don't like Super PACs, whether they are well intentioned or not.

    I think, people already know which type of advocacy group I like most.

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