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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
    A pretty bold claim.

    I don't think who's sitting in the white house has all that much to do with what extend the gov't and business are in bed with each other.
    Oh. Sorry, I just realized how this could be interpreted.

    I am NOT saying Romney is one of those corrupt business people who buy influence. I am saying that this is one of the things people debate over. What type of business was Bain? What type of businessman was Romney?

    However, if we were to put a businessman who got rich by swindling and "besting" others in the White House (whatever the party affiliation) then we can expect that he would gut the country to benefit his cronies (and of course himself).

    I personally think government SHOULD listen to business people, as well as nurses, doctors, teachers, farmers, scientists, engineers, etc. Ideally, we would have all these sorts of people in office as well.

    But as far as being "in bed", it is really difficult to know for sure who is "buying influence", and who is just trying to "fight for what they believe in". But I am sure both those sorts of things are happening in politics and how money is used in politics.

    I like to watch the money on Open Secrets. There are industries I trust, and industries I am mistrust (my opinion of the financial sector should be clear).
    (You gotta wonder, does the party get money for what they believe, or do the believe what they do for the money...just look for yourself how industries spend their money).

    There are also particular companies I think are OK, and other that I believe are shady. I don't tend to know much about individuals, but this is the scary group for me.
    (To investigate this I require a little more digging than can be done on Open Secrets, so using the FEC databse directly...where Open Secrets gets most of its info)

    When one person spends more than 10 times what a person would make in a year on donations to a political campaign, I really do have to wonder, what sort of influence does this one person have?

    Then there is this weird and to me very sinister Super PAC phenomenon that has dominated this years funding:

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    I registered to vote when I turned 18 in '06, and have voted in all but one of the elections since November of that year. The one I did miss was a local special election in 2010. I voted in the June primary and I will be voting (for Republicans, as always) in November.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    What type of business was Bain? What type of businessman was Romney?
    Google is your friend.
    Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.
    - Edmund Burke

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    I think people tend to blow the voting process out of proportion and in doing so refrain from voting. If you're that apathetic, then why not vote when given the opportunity?

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    I would vote if I was old enough.

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    I plan on voting for my senator, governor, and other state reprasentitves.

    I don't plan on voting for either Obummer or Rmoney. Not sure if I'll throw my vote away on an alternative presidential candidate, or just not vote at all.

    That said, I'm not a big fan of democracy.

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    I'll vote.

    I really dislike people who neither bother to vote nor do even one thing to try and change the system they're so fed up with, but still complain about it all the time. You aren't even putting in the bare minimum of effort to improve anything. You're just bitching. So you can fuck straight off.
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    wow, harsh, z

    i don't complain too much about the system. the people who set it up, they did what they wanted. can't really fault them for trying.
    so, i guess i'm not really fed up with the system. i see its purpose, flaws in it are inevitable, but that's the case with everything. it'll change eventually, it wasn't meant not to. then i'll be more interested in participating.

    i guess i'm not voting because either way the system won't change much, and unless we're talking about sweeping change, i'm not interested. i rather just concentrate on the sweeping change...or go about about my life

    i don't have time enough to worry about, what is it, bain's illegal and ridiculous tax exemptions? i don't want to go into the morality of, I just sit back and let those who want to fight over peanuts do so. in other words, what's my motivation?

    "the welfare of others"

    yeah, but they know what they want more than i ever could.

    "my own welfare"

    I'm lucky to even be in the position I'm in. Life's good to me...and it's been bad for so many others I've met. So, I don't want or need to complain.

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    If I was in the US I'd not vote, one side supports the spread of homosexuality, the other the spread of capitalism, neither of them can represent me who doesnt support the spread of either.

    In the UK I always vote, if I had even a minute of apathetic feeling all I'd have to do is drive by the polling station and see all the people standing with placards outside campaigning against what they imagine my community's aspirations are and then I'd be convinced to cast my vote come what may.
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