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so it's impossible for other countries around the world to sustain themselves? if it's possible for us, why is it not possible for them? and just because we have a large GDP doesn't mean anything. the vast majority of it is debt (because of trying to police and take care of the world on one country's taxes) and the United States is living on borrowed time because of it.
You came out of WW II as a superpower. And you came out of the Cold War as the only remaining superpower.

You have the largest economy in the world.

And you spend 100 billion every year on global surveillance and global defence.

If, for instance, we decided to mount a global defence, it would cost us about the same - 100 billion every year. And it would be redundant in the face of your global defence. Far better we work together.

And you are not on borrowed time. Innovation is on an upward exponential curve and you are riding this curve.

From a distance, two things impress about Americans. One is their energy and the other is their creativity - a winning combination.