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I wonder if you would elaborate on what I've highlighted, even if you hate discussing it Magic, I'm interested.

Also good to see you posting again.
The reason for wanting to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid is to reduce costs. Yes, a great deal of our costs come from sharing the costs for the uninsured, but it also comes from inefficiency. This is not so much the inefficiency of any program like Medicare in particular, but rather from having Medicare, Medicaid, The Veterans Health Administration, etc... all at the same time. The standardization of a single system not only addresses that problem, but also makes the matter of getting health coverage more simple and dependable in general.

As for my not caring about healthcare being a right, that's just a typical item of my general moral philosophy. I'm concerned only with outcomes. If it is the optimal approach for providing public utility when we have a universal healthcare system, then we ought to, rights or no rights.

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I'm curious about the bismarck model of health insurance or health services, I'm only familiar with the NHS model, in its various incarnations, and the French model of totally private provision but annual tax revenue funded reimbursements and the private models in the US and ROI,
Here's a very simple summary:

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I'm a little unsure about medicaid or medicare, how do they relate to the HMOs? I read about attempts to make medical professionals or providers more business or commercial saavy but that it just created a private managerial class who employed medics on lower wages. The UK would actually like to copy that practice, despite whatever consequences come with it, for political reasons.

What exactly are you asking about HMOs? There are Medicare and Medicaid HMOs in which basically they get funding from the government in relation to how many clients they have. Obviously there are HMOs that do not received funding based on these programs.