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    Well the Us supported mubarak right until the end. And thats what they usually do. They support the dictator until the last possible moment then they change position and support the opposition or rather the fraction of the opposition they think will bring things back to "normal" in the region as for as possible.

    Then we should remember in this context that the major oil producing countries they never even let the protests get of the ground. In lybia there was military intervention. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates there was never any revolution, to quote Noam Chomsky "the intimidation by the security forces backed by the west was to enormous that people where literally afraid to go into the streets". The US woulden't allow one, the would dispatch the troops wheather their own or back a brutal regime.

    Look at Irak, US supported Sadam right through the worst atrocities, and then sent in the troops when he wanted to use the oil for his own people. Suharto, Samoza, Marcos Pérez.

    Well how is this relevant to the post. Well I think for fundamental Islam to gain less power and the Anti-west attitude to subside the US need to stop terrorizing the region. The easiest way to stop terrorism is to stop participating in it.

    Now Sweden is selling weapons to several of these countries aswell and to the US and we are currently at war in Afghanistan so thats what I focus my energy on cause I certainly don't want to see Sweden targeted by terrorism or participating in it.
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    A lot of negativity here. Thread title says, "Muslim Brotherhood wins election." No mention of who lost the election.

    From all I've heard:
    "The alternative was a guy whose support came from Mubarak's patronage networks and who promised to restore order 'with an iron fist.'"

    "Morsi has said he's going to appoint Coptic Christians to some ministries and possibly even the vice-presidency. Of course we must judge by actions not words, but still."
    "Well, until the military council decides that the cabinet must be filled by experienced patriots and military men anyway."

    "If Morsi had won over a secular social democrat with grassroots support, I'd have felt sourly disappointed. But since he won over the last great hope for the military's "deep state", I for one am ecstatic. I think the ruling military council hoped to manipulate the Shafiq/Morsi run-off to hammer in the wedge between the revolutionaries and the Brotherhood and turn the clock back before the revolution, but they played their hand too early. If they'd only waited until after the elections to dissolve parliament, they could have manipulated Shafiq in the presidency and things would return to the decrepit old status quo.
    In the event, they provoked such a wave of revulsion against them that the wedge between the liberals and islamists has been spat out almost entirely, giving Morsi a majority that the generals found impossible to manipulate. Now they've had to resort to clumsy stopgaps like that repulsive constitutional 'annex' they penned themselves, and they're facing a revived popular front against their rule that from the end of this month will have the country's head of state on their side."

    You see, this situation's a lot more involved and interesting than the one issue the thread is suggesting.
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