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    Exclamation Our Reality Show

    The printing press of 1440 gave us the literate individual, while the electric telegraph of 1840 gave us TV and the Reality Show.

    The printing press gave us print and TV gave us the image.

    And the Reality Show is all about image.

    But it is an image we can believe in. It is an image that suspends our disbelief. And how we long to have our banal lives suspended for a while. And what can suspend our disbelief any better than reality. And so we have the Reality Show.

    And how snarky we become if the artifice, the phoniness, behind the Reality Show becomes apparent. We become snarky, because seeing it is all artiface, we can't suspend our disbelief anymore.

    Our cherished illusion dissolves and we are left bereft once again in our banal lives.

    But all is not lost. We can have our own Reality Show on Central. We can have our very own blog on Typology Central, right here, right now. What could be more exciting than to have a Reality Show about me, just me.

    And so we manufacture an image out of electronic text and electronic photos that is a simulacrum of reality. And poof - we have our very own Reality Show.

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    Smile Mrs Clint Eastwood

    Mrs Eastwood married a rich and famous man old enough to be her grandfather, but as Mrs Eastwood says, "He will do anything for me".

    And so the first thing Mrs Eastwood asked Mr Clint Eastwood for was her very own Reality Show - bless her cotton white socks.

    To see, "Mrs Eastwood and Company", click on -

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