What do you think of this? I watched a bunch of clips of just run of the mill everyday life online there after being directed to watch a clip of someone fighting off two assailants when he and his girlfriend were attacked by a friends e-mail.

There were a bunch of similar clips, thugs or bullies getting into fights with people they were picking on, most of the situations looked awful and didnt need to escalate to violence but clearly had a lot to do with the antagonists not communicating with much besides violence.

Anyway, some of them were kids, filmed in schools and the like, which I dont think is a good thing but others were adults filming other adults.

I just thought that none of the people involved would likely appreciate being filmed by say the police or even the media without premission or even with permission but here it was all being caught on some eejits mobile phone.

There's only been one instance which bothered me when I thought in the line of duty someone was either recording or filming me, I've heard of kids doing this with teachers or other professionals, seeking to push them to breaking point and make some record of it or just dial up a parent or someone once the situation has gone south and they only hear one side of things. Which is all sorts of wrong but not unlike some kinds of troll behaviour so I'm not surprised its off line behaviour too.

The thing is its here to stay in all likelihood and wont disappear just because people dont like it but what are your norms or your peers norms in relation to this?