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How much does this student actually sleep? From the way it sounds she'd be lucky to get 2-3 hours of sleep a night. Wonder what that will do to her body over a long term.

Why can't the older brother just support himself?
For that, we need to ask her brother. (I think Texas A&M is one of those well known colleges in Texas, correct?) After all, I do know of people who take full-time jobs AND try to get a college degree AND studying like hell that there comes a point that you can't do anymore even if you wanted to (doctoral and lawyer degrees to name a few.) For some people taking a doctoral degree, there is almost no chance to work full time and study without bad grades, not to mention the many many cuts to education.

I think that there is that possibility of them taking care of their youngest sibling (after all, that sibling is living with relatives.) Generally speaking, if you can get at least one family member/sibling into college to get a degree, you at least increase the amount your family earns by a lot. Having that one sibling in college also improves the chance that other siblings can get into college with less financial problems (more on study and less on worrying about the financial aspect.)

Three of my siblings have gotten a degree (with one sibling on her third) and I'm pretty much on my way into getting one in a few years. It would be a pain for me trying to get a degree if they were working at Burger King or something full-time to fend for me. I would need to work full time-and-half if that was the case. Or to rephrase that... because they've gotten degrees I have been able to work on my own degree with no debt.


Aside from that, there are already family issues. Who knows, the siblings just want to live together on their own home or something (and not with relatives.) And getting that degree could be one major step in that direction.