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    Default Georgian Hate-Mongers or Good Ghristians?


    "I feel that Shorter, the GBC, the Board of Trustees, and/or whoever can do what they want to the school," one student writes on the site. "It’s their school, but I cannot personally attend a school so full of hate. The personal lifestyle statement is picking and choosing which sins are worse than others, but a sin is a sin. Why were homosexuality, premarital sex, and adultery singled out? What about child molesters?"
    Is this/are these student/students/faculty 4 real? Why is a pledge against sex-related sins at a Baptist school causing so much backlash? Didn't these students and faculty realize it was Baptist when they decided to attend/teach here?

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    what's a Ghristian?
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    Can't they be both?
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    It's entirely possible that the people protesting this are Baptists themselves. Not all Baptists agree about homosexuality being the wrongest sin of them all. And I completely support people protesting what goes on in their church or whatever. Sort of like how Jimmy Carter left the SBC because of how it treats women. He's still a Baptist, just not a Southern Baptist.

    And it's one thing to attend/teach a Baptist university and know how the larger church tends to approach the issue of homosexuality, and having to SIGN A DOCUMENT that pledges you'll "reject [it] as acceptable."

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