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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarelle View Post
    That's a really good idea.
    Why thank you kindly.. It always made such little sense to me. Schools always do fundraisers with junk food--yet they don't really give a vehicle in which to sell it.. If you want to earn money, you have to have a market. To me, everyone wins by simply creating the market.
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    We had a weightlifting class in High School with a great lifting coach that I also enjoyed.
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    I hated gym class.

    When I lived in Singapore we had this gym teacher who wore the same haircut he had since the mid-70's and the same short-shorts every single day. I know every angle of that man's stuff.

    Every Friday we would run outdoors for 12-20 minutes nonstop. In monsoon season we had to run around the school getting completely soaked by the sideways rain, and frequently falling on the stairs. When it wasn't raining it was like running inside of a lung. The man also had eyes on the back of his head for anyone who tried the "hopping walk" that resembles running but is more akin to a walk.

    I still loathe running. I was built to plow fields not leap like a bouncing gazelle down the roads of forever.

    I was good at basketball and volleyball and I enjoyed those a lot when we had those as units. I am not super coordinated though...

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    I think there are a lot of factors contributing to obesity besides fitness classes:

    The least healthy food is often the cheapest.
    Increasingly sedentary lifestyle where people sit in an office for 8 hours a day.
    Many people view fitness as work rather than recreation so after work people want to relax (usually by watching tv/being on the net after work).
    High pollution environments increase the likelihood of asthma which make it harder to exert yourself.
    Urban environments tend to lack places for recreation like parks, bike lanes, etc and it may not be -safe- in some of these environments to go for a jog etc.
    In part I believe it is seen as partially a "class" issue which complicates things.
    Lack of knowledge, awareness, and a positive supporting culture around nutrition & excercise.
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    ^ These are all contributors. One of the biggest differences I notice from my school days is that hardly anyone walks or rides their bike to school anymore. Almost everyone takes a bus or is driven there by parents. Part of this is lack of bike paths or sidewalks in many newer suburbs, but part of it is alarmism among both schools and parents. Most schools in my area won't let students just walk out the front door and go home on their own, even though the area is relatively safe with a very low crime rate.

    Not only is there less recess time in schools, supposedly to allow more time for academics, kids have less unstructured play time at home. When I was a kid, we would play ball in the street and ride our bikes all over the place. Now, kids have schedules from morning to night, and if they aren't involved in a team sport, they don't get much physical activity.

    Personally, being rather a nerd I didn't care much for PE in school, especially the team sports. When we did something individual like weight training or calisthenics/cardio, it was much better. In a way, this showed me the kind of fitness activities I preferred, which I have pursued individually ever since. In retrospect, I see the intent may have been to expose us to a broad range of things, so we could find what we liked.

    We at least had PE 2-3 times every week, every semester, every year. Where I live now, high school students have PE only two semesters, but every day. They spend half the time learning and being tested on rules for sports and other things that are not physically active. Not sure why this schedule as opposed to twice a week all the time, but it doesn't get them a weekly dose of activity, nor encourage much of a lifelong fitness habit.
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