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    Yet another reason to add onto the pile. The school system is failed, not failing.. Failed. America needs something new to rise up from the ashes.
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    This is just further evidence that just because someone can pass exams, it doesn't mean they're remotely emotionally or otherwise mentally equipped to have responsibility for/influence children, & foster a safe place to grow. Disabled children, or normal ones. I'm not surprised in the least by this, unfortunately. My own kindergarten experiences of coming come with a bruised face on several occasions familiarized me early on with such dynamics. Somewhat similar to the outcome in this video, my teacher was never penalized; I was simply moved to a new classroom. I've also heard countless disturbing stories of abuse & neglect from nurses/paraprofessionals who've worked in constant care facilities for the mentally disabled, elderly, & terminally ill. The weak preying on the weaker is nothing new.

    I wonder if any psychiatric evaluations are done before these people are given the chance to be alone with receptive young minds, injecting them with their own mental poison.

    Systems we create only work if people actually give a damn.
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