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    Quote Originally Posted by SolitaryWalker View Post
    Does it not sound almost sacrligeous to put Politics on the same list as History and Current Events. That wretched 'enterprise' hardly deserves a mention.
    history definitelly deserves it's own subforum.

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    INTP Central history is repeating itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Langrenus View Post
    I think it's fair to say we're coming at this from very different perspectives, but I'll try to respond on your grounds (although I admit I was hoping for a bit more to work with)

    History and current events are necessarily driven by politics, be they at a micro or macro level. History is written by the victor, and that victor tends to be the dominant ideological force...historically chosen through war (which, at any rate, is just politics by another means) but decided now, perhaps, by economic or cultural hegemony. At any rate, chosen ultimately through politics. I see the heat/vapour analogy working in the boiling pot you have all perceivable ways of interpreting and recording an event. The fire beneath boils off the majority and leaves a solution which we then consider 'history'. Current events are likewise driven by political actions.

    I believe that everyone engages in politics, be it implicitly or explicitly. Even the simple act of buying a carton of milk could be seen as an implicit acceptance of the political order of the day.

    I'm working so can't really give this the attention it deserves at the minute...I might return to the question when I get home.

    I agree with this. I too see everything a person does as political.

    But sticking with the traditional thinking of what constitutes politics, (governmental rule or populous representation) you have a system where politics steers current events. These events become history with the passage of time. Politicians observe current events and decide what will become history via policies and other influences of the populous (either direct or indirect). So ultimately politics determines history but it's circular because politics is derived from current events (which have not been converted into history yet). I think we're saying the same thing though because, continuing with that heat/vapor analogy, the fire would be current events, the boiling water politics, and the steam history. It implies that current events are always filtered by politics so that all history is derived from politics. So politics is the gateway to understanding the past but the hereandnow (no pun intended ) in its full embodyment can only be experienced directly by the person.

    As far as current events comment, politics is a human activity as well and has ends as such. They are both the same except that one (politics) exerts control over the other.
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    politics does not necessarily equal party politics. if you have any opinion on economics or society, that's politics.
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