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    Atheists rally for reason

    The Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries gave us reason in place of mysticism, and today the atheists continue the centuries old tradition of reason.

    But I confess I would love to attend a rally for the unconscious.

    Reason, of course, has its place. Reason has given us technology and dissociated us from our unconscious.

    But today the unconscious is becoming conscious thanks to the electronic media.

    Our unconscious is spilling out into public as public sex in the brothel without walls, called epornography.

    And our unconscious is spilling out into pubic as public violence as in the public murder of Jewish school children in Toulouse.

    And our unconscious is spilling out into public revolution in the Middle East.

    All aided and abetted by the mobile phone and the internet.

    Reason seems to be as quaint as a New England dissident reading the Bible. But here in the Mall today we have sincere and pure atheists leading us to the promised land, while the unconscious is rampant, taking over the world while we are distracted by reason in the Mall.

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    The biggest challenge is the gap that opens up between the real world and the unconcious. While one is comfortable and relaxing on the internet or enjoying a nice fantasy movie on television, on the next day when you get up again, you're faced with the bare reality again, which demands high reason from you at times. the older generation is wired completly differently there, it seems at times like their whole life was composed solely of reason and that there is no space for an adventure of the unconcious mind.

    I dunno what this will lead to, maybe a stronger seperation between people who gave up on reality and who didnt. All I can say is that reason and reality have to relax a bit more or it will come to more and more groupings of the unconcious looking for happiness in some religious cult or so. So far our happiness is bought in the mall cause reality will never make you happy.

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