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    It's tragic that people are using the death of a child to further their own political purposes. I'm all for justice, but some people are taking this too far. I live in Florida, and I've heard a couple of people say that a white kid should be killed in retaliation (I have no idea why they don't say a hispanic kid).

    But what's tragic is that an unarmed kid was killed. Not that a black kid was killed by someone of another race, but that a young human being was killed. And more violence will only beget more violence.

    And the bounty on the man's head is going way too far, in my opinion.

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    Treyvon Martin's killer is half Peruvian. He is identifiably Latino just by looking at him.

    If one more person uses this as "damn whitey" fodder I'm going to scream.

    And, yes, the Black Panthers are the black answer to the KKK.

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