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    In these day of rampant editorializing (by even my local weatherman) and wholly partisan cable "news" channels this should be no surprise. I suppose an entire generation has come of age not ever knowing something remotely resembling reliable, disinterested, objective reporting. I feel that is a significant loss for society.

    I heard the original broadcast as well as the retraction. It is really rather maddening...I'm fairly certain that there are serious labor issues at the foriegn manufacturers to whom we ship our jobs. Irresponsible self-indulgence like this robs that situation (and those workers) of focused attention and subsequent action by distorting acuality. It gifts those with a vested interest towards keeping these manufacturing conditions hidden talking-point sound-bite ammunition claiming hysterical exaggeration on the part of sincere advocates, to say nothing of how it undermines the reputation of the media that unknowingly broadcasts the mis-information.

    It was well, disgusting really, to listen to this "reporter" explain his work. I almost had the sensation that he enjoyed the process as it focused attention on him again; a sort of two-for-one media exposure and the cynical part of me wonders if this wasn't half the intention all along...just as it is possible that the broadcaster knew of distortions and only exposed them when there was a threat of some other entity beating them to it. Arrgh.

    Given the rapid gowth of media opportunities and the relentless proliferation of shamelessly prejudiced hacks to populate them I cannot see things improving anytime soon and we all will be the poorer for it.
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